One of the worst things you can give to someone is not a smack or box in the face but the negativity that you would have otherwise left in your own musings.

The above picture is a photo of my profile picture change which I initiated a day before my period came and you would deduce that something unpleasant must have happened to me but in truth may not be that unpleasant as compared to what it really was. As ladies, you would be able to relate to how mood changes prior to the onset of this ‘thing’ dominate ones atmosphere.

But maybe each should try her best to keep in mind that what one does has a significant impact on other people most especially family and close acquaintances and it does not give a girl any right to shake other people’s peace of mind most especially during this trying times.

Therefore, I am imposing some self regulating behavior that would lessen this bothersome habit of mine. Just something that would inspire rather than give despair to others.

I hope I can influence you to do the same.

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