Recycling Empty Promises

“I will send it tomorrow.”

“I will finish it the soonest possible time then give it to the group.”

“Okay, just give me more time to do it.”

“Yes, tomorrow or on Saturday so I will have enough time to complete it.”

“By the way, can you reserve it for me? So that when I have the chance to go out, I will take it.”

So many promises and commitments. One after another until it becomes a mountain of chores.

I don’t like to flush anything away but I wish to break away from mediocrity and unfulfilled promises. So many empty containers to fill in and honestly I don’t have all the time in the world. Not this time, not ever that I’ve got to set my priorities in life so as to give attention to who or what really matters.

I know I’m deviating away from something which is supposed to be my topic but I just can’t help being lost in the mess I continually create leaving no space for completed tasks. If you were like me then you would know how this feels.

And I couldn’t agree more with this post I just read this morning. It hit me and yeah, I’ve gotta do it just like how it was said there. Enough said, I’m gonna screw this post and lead you to this post. Read until you finish.

By Cristian Mihai

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